FOR THE CONSULTANCY CONTRACT OF _________________________


  1. Nature of the consultancy: Translation services for the two-day CTIP Training for private recruitment agencies.


  1. Objective: Provide professional English-Russian-Uzbek-English translation services during two-day CTIP Training for private recruitment agencies, as well as English-Russian written translation of presentations before the training.

Target: Provide translation services preserving the meaning of the original language and ensuring that the target language is diplomatic, free of jargon, and clear to experts in the subject.


  1. IOM Project to which the Consultancy is contributing: USAID DAR 'Counter Trafficking' Regional Project in Central Asia.


  1. 4.     Tasks to be performed under this contract:

a)     Perform pre-translation study of the vocabulary, related to counter-trafficking, safe migration, labour migration, international migration law, labour relations, ethical recruitment and private recruitment agencies;

b)     Provide written translation services for the PPT presentations developed by the trainers, before the training;

c)     Provide simultaneous translation services during two-day training, including presentations and discussions;

d)     Participate and/or initiate the meeting with the supervisor, to discuss specific peculiarities of migration and counter-trafficking subjects, aiming to ensure good understanding of the topic, if needed.


  1. The output of the work assignment is clear and understandable translation.
  2. Delivery date and time: May 2-3, 2018.
  3. The value of services should correspond to its costs, as well as to be in accordance with average UN rates for the similar services in Uzbekistan.
  4. The performance indicator will be accordance of the target language to the meaning of the original language, as assessed by the supervisor.


Interested qualified applicants should submit their CVs to:

Only selected candidates will be contacted.

Deadline: 25th of April, 2019