1. Nature of the consultancy: Consultancy services on conducting training on ‘Methods of rehabilitation therapy for the victims of human trafficking’ in Tashkent  

Objective: Deliver training sessions on methods of rehabilitation therapy (art-therapy, music-therapy, story-telling, photo-therapy, work-therapy, straw-art and other new methods) and facilitate the training.

Target: Enhanced capacities of civil-public servants and NGOs on provision of rehabilitation therapy for the victims of human trafficking (VOTs).


IOM Project to which the Consultancy is contributing: USAID DAR 'Counter Trafficking' Regional Project in Central Asia


  1. 2.     Tasks to be performed under this contract:

a)                 Develop training plan in collaboration with the Supervisor;

b)                 Identify and get familiarized with sources of evidence/information that will help to elaborate the training session materials;

c)                 Conduct pre-training research and study on: good international practices on rehabilitations therapy methods for the VOTs;   

d)                 Develop presentation material (Power Point slides) on the assigned thematic sessions;

e)                 Deliver the training sessions to the trainees in clear and easy-to-understand manner using the IT-means;

f)                  Prepare group-work materials and facilitate work in groups, within the assigned thematic sessions of the training;

g)                 Prepare and disseminate hand-out materials, if required by the Supervisor;

h)                 Assist in designing the contents of the pre- and post-training evaluation forms for the training in line with the assigned thematic session;

i)                  Participate and/or initiate meetings with the Supervisor to discuss specific peculiarities of the work, if needed;

j)                  Undertake other duties as might be required by the Supervisor;

  1. Tangible and measurable output of the work assignment: According training sessions delivered.
  2. Delivery dates: April 18-19, 2019.
  3. Performance indicator will be feedback from IOM.


Interested qualified applicants should submit their CVs to:

It is expected to involve three trainers under the current TOR. Only selected candidates will be contacted.

Deadline: 9th of April, 2019