1.     Nature of the consultancy:  Short video developer services to produce a social advert aimed to counter human trafficking (CTIP) and promote safe migration.


Objective: Develop at least three short visual social adverts aimed to contribute to CTIP and promotion of safe migration.


Target: Audio-visual social advert produced in Uzbek language in line with project objectives and priorities.

 2.     IOM Project to which the Consultancy is contributing: ‘Strengthening Counter-Trafficking and Protecting Vulnerable Migrants in Central Asia in Response to Regional and Global Challenges’ project funded by Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

 3.     Tasks to be performed under this contract:

a)   Conduct preliminary study of CT and safe migration topics, to enhance understanding of related problems and possible solutions;

b)  Develop concepts and come with a creative idea (3-5 turned out proposals) of social advert (Message, Insight and Reason to Believe);

c)   Make a presentation of the idea to IOM for internal discussion, finalisation and approval;

d)  Engage a team of requested specialists and actors.

4.      a)     On pre-shooting stage:

  • Develop and submit the video script of the visual social advert, in line with provided concept note and in close coordination with IOM;
  • Develop storyboards for a visual representation of what the social advert will look like;
  • In close cooperation with IOM, draft, finalize and approve texts for the voiceover and on-screen sub-titles (Uzbek Latin and Cyrillic);
  • Provide IOM with the shooting schedules;
  • Engage requested team (specialists/actors);
  • Arrange a place for shooting purposes, creating scenery;
  • Ensure the process of work of costume designer, makeup artist, and other engaged staff;

b)     On the shooting stage and film montage:

  • Perform shooting;
  • Transfer of footage to installation/ film montage;
  • Assemble the video and edit shot film material;

c)     On the post-shooting stage:

  • Sound recording, voice acting, and reproduction;
  • Produce sound design, solution of the issue with music, soundtrack (and other works of a sound engineer, if required);
  • Adding captions, titling, any other text, if required;  
  • Adding computer-graphic, digital visual effects, if required; 
  • Perform adapting of the video to the technical requirements of television channels after the necessary improvements and final approvals;
  • Ensure that the short audio-visual social advert ready to release;
  • Perform other relevant tasks, as might be required by IOM.


 5.     Tangible and measurable output of the work assignment: at least three short-videos are finalized and ready for distribution/uploading;

6.     Performance indicator will be a feedback from IOM on the quality of the short audio-visual social advert.

Please along with your CV provide us with a link to your profile.

The applications to be submitted to:

Deadline: 31st of May, 2019